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Whether you are a business struggling with data moderation, an individual stock trader, or a hedge fund portfolio manager we have a solution for you!
Try our applied AI products & services now. team specializes in Traditional and Alternative Data Analysis, performs custom Research & Development in Natural Language Understanding, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision domains. team has 40 yrs of combined experience in Software Development and more than 15 yrs in Data Science.
There are strong academic connections within our team and we are also happy to have PhDs onboard.

Also, meet, Kebeta’s game-changing product, a trading algorithm that combines traditional technical data analysis, explorative strategies, and alternative data analysis.

The solutions we provide are based on the principles of ethical and explainable AI, even when it comes to stock trading algorithms, analysis and strategies.
Our AI services
55% of tech companies report current benefits to revenue growth from AI initiatives. Our products and services will help you to join them. Our experienced team will deliver a tailored AI solution for your particular need through tailored research and development. No all-purpose tools and public, ready APIs. Your problem - our solution!
  • Natural Language Understanding The most widespread type of data that can bring your business conscience to the next level.
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Exploratory nature of the algorithms behind our products and services ensures they learn all the time to provide much safer strategies and decisions by taking into account rapidly changing conditions and tackling edge and unexpected situations
  • Computer Vision Video and images are an important part of business in- or outbound data. We can help your business build an automated analysis pipeline for this type of data
  • Behavior analysis Your business has a lot of your customer behavior data: purchases, visits, preferences. It's time to convert it into a valuable marketing insight
  • Image generation & processing What about generating cats? Everyone loves cats! Let us do it for your business
  • Knowledge graphs & Ontologies Altdata-based knowledge graphs allow discovering deep correlations between entities
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